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Hoover Upper Top Bag Support Clip

Hoover Upper Top Bag Support Clip

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Works With: Hoover U4537-910 Hoover U4537-930 Hoover U4537-980 Hoover U4539-930Hoover U4551-910 Hoover U4551-920Hoover U4563-910 Hoover U4567-910Hoover U4567-920 Hoover U4567-930Hoover U4585-910 Hoover 36425052Hoover 36425064 Hoover 39-2573-22Description:Hoover Legacy Upright vacuum Cleaner Top Bag Support Upper Clip.Cloth Bag Will Have A Full Length Zipper On The Side Of The Cloth BagFits Models U4537-910. U4537-930. U4537-980. U4539-930. U4551-910. U4551-920. U4563-910. U4567-910. U4567-920. U4567-930. U4585-910364250523642506439-2573-22

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